new to pontcanna gym - sunbed sessions. iamge of lady lying on a sunbed


Sunbeds NOW available!

Benefits of our stand up Sunbed

No Pressure Points

On a tanning bed, the tanner lays on a flat or slightly curved acrylic, meaning the flow of blood is inhibited to certain pressure points (like the shoulder blades), a phenomenon that can affect how these areas tan. And because the tanner is lying flat, certain parts of the body are not exposed equally to the UV rays affecting the uniformity of the customers tan. In a stand-up tanning booth there are no pressure points and the entire body can be exposed to the UV rays with the help of built in handles that allow the tanner to easily keep the arms raised during the tanning session.

Shorter Tanning Times - Stand-up tanning booth tend to have faster tanning times than their laydown counterparts making it perfect for tanners who are pressed for time.

Built-In Changerooms - Our stand-up tanning booth comes with a dressing areas, making the unit totally private and easy to walk in and use.


£2 for 1 token (3 minutes)

£5 for3 tokens (9 minutes)

Discount available for block bookings

Sunbed lotions available